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Re-scheduling Codeine to cause Inconvenience and Extra expense

Re-scheduling will lead not only to greater inconveniece when you are in pain, but you may need make an appointment with your GP and pay for that consolutation as well. But the Pharmacy Guild of Australia said codeine products did make a difference,

and making them prescription-only would increase the workload for doctors and force up Medicare costs. "The majority of people do use these quite safely and wisely," guild president George Tambassis told AM. "They do look after the pain of a lot of people out there that perhaps paracetamol and aspirin and maybe the anti-inflammatories that we've also got to choose [from] in terms of our recommendations do not. "So I can't agree with some of the data that they may have access to because at the pharmacy level we do find these products do come in handy for a lot of patients out there." The guild has been calling for a real-time monitoring system to help pharmacists make sure patients are using the drugs correctly. A similar system is already in place to keep track of the drug pseudoephedrine, which can be used to make illicit drugs. "If we pick up on these people that are either using these products too much or it's obvious that they're addicted to them, we'll deal with that if we have the data in front of us," Mr Tambassis said.