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Why take Probiotics?
There are many reasons why you might take probiotics, and many types you may choose from.
Which is which, and why take one over another?
The answer is- pick the one most suited to your issues. Many people find them helpful for digestive issues, and also use them for improving immune function as well
Probiotics are the “”good bacteria”” in our digestive system. Poor health or busy life, poor diet etc can lead to being run down. If this is the case, a general or broad spectrum probiotic would be suited. There are fridge or shelf stable versions. If you''re “”at home””, a fridge version is probably better. If you''re travelling, a shelf stable version may be more practical. So for any digestive issues such as wind, bloating or bowel problems, why not give probiotics a try?
Some probiotics are specific to IBS, or “”irritable bowel syndrome””.
If you have been diagnosed with IBS, you may find that an IBS specific probiotic will help to keep your symptoms manageable.
There are specific probiotics which are suitable for children and even babies. Powders may be easier to take, as they can be added to drinks or cereals. As children interact with other children, there may be immune system challenges. For example, going to school or child care. Using a probiotic is a way to help ensure that kids (or adults) maintain a strong immune function.