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Common Seasonal Colds

With the sudden change of seasonal weather and the mainly staying indoors, the spreading of colds is rampant.  Colds or Upper respiratory tract infections are the most common cause of illness in both children and adults with viruses causing most of these colds. The viruses mutate readily and complete immunity is not possible. Due to the cool or wet weather, people spend more time indoors in contact with infected people either in the homes or closed in shopping centres.
These viruses are airborne spread usually by sneezing or coughing and hand contact. A good sneeze can project virus particles more than 15 metres and they may remain airborne.

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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can be a mental illness. They tend to affect people of all age groups and sex. Often people with eating disorders are not diagnosed and can go on a long time without any treatment until it starts to affect the body’s general health. Unfortunately young women are most prone to this disorder with 1 in 100 young women experiencing anorexia and 1 in 20 women practicing bulimia at some stage. The most common symptom of people with eating disorders is an obsession with food.
Anorexia is common and is noticeable, however overeating disorders are often just dismissed as someone being lazy or greedy; This is not necessarily the case. 

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HeadLice strike back!

With the start of the school year Headlice will again be prevalent!

Headlice are small, wingless, parasitic mites that feed upon the blood in your scalp. They can be almost symptomless or itchy in others. They are extremely fast growing, a newly hatched egg will be able to lay eggs after only 10 days; which in turn hatch only a week later. Thus a single lice can become hundreds after a few short weeks.

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Summer Eye Conditions

Summer Eyes

With Summer here, there is an increase in eye irritation, but not all eye irritations are eye infections.
Most acute eye problems can be related to simple eye infections. The most common of these is conjunctivitis where the conjunctiva membrane that covers the eye becomes infected. The most common cause is bacterial  infections, however sometimes eye problems can be also caused by other conditions such as viral infections, allergic conditions and even dry eyes.

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One in 7 adults have COPD!

The term COPD has been used in recent years as an umbrella term for all long term restricted airways disease or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
It includes emphysema, chronic bronchitis and recalcitrant asthma. In fact 1 in 7 of all adults over 40 have COPD.
COPD is a major cause of death after heart disease, stroke and cancer. COPD is preventable and treatable and is a major cause of avoidable hospital admissions. It is not a Disease that can be caught but a predisposition may be inherited.

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