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Dental Health

Perhaps many of you don't know that your body's health can be linked to your dental health. People with serious gum disease are more likely to have a chronic health condition on top of dental problems.

Firstly, your mouth is your gateway to your body. Bacteria can easily build up on the teeth and make the gums prone to infection. Your immune system tries to counter this infection with reaction and the gums become swollen; this continues until the infection comes under control. Over time the inflammatory response and the body hormones released eat away at the the gums and bone structure that holds the teeth in place. The result can be a gum condition called periodontal disease. This inflammation can affect the rest of the body.


There is a strong connection with the health complaint Diabetes Type II and periodontitis. It appears that the inflammation from periodontitis seems to weaken the body's ability to control sugar. The main problems of diabetes are a reduction of Insulin and your body's tissues building up resistance to Insulin. Thus the inflammation from gum disease impairs the bodys ability to utilise insulin.

This appears to be a two way relationship of diabetes and gum disease. The high blood sugar from Diabetes provides an ideal condition for infection to grow and can promote gum disease. By managing one you can control the other.
Heart disease also has a high correlation with gum disease. Up to 90% of all patients with heart disease have periodontitis.

There are several risk factors in common with gum disease such as:

* Smoking
* An unhealthy diet
* Excess weight
* Some researchers believe there may be a cross over effect upon diabetes.  The inflammation in the mouth from your body's defense mechanisms, may be causing inflammation in the blood vessels. This causes more peripheral resistance and an increase in the blood pressure. There may also be a heart attack and stroke risk with the fatty plaques being dislodged by inflammation.
* Perhaps unknown to many is that gum disease may effect the development of a growing fetus during pregnancy. Firstly, men have a higher incidence of gum disease than women, except during pregnancy with the hormonal changes the risk of gum disease increases. Secondly, it is believed that chronic gum infection and inflammation may interfere with the fetus development in the womb, such as low birth weight and the risks of lung development. 
* Osteoporosis sufferers have a higher rate of gum disease, the are both related to bone loss.
* There may be a link to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lung conditions and Obesity.
The mouth and dental health should also taken as a serious health condition. All of the organs in body are important and all are interlinked. No part of the body should be thought of in isolation.